2022 CASUA – Zone 4 Clinic(s)

At this point and with Covid still being active, we are unsure as to if and when clinics will occur.

In the meantime you can register to be on our contact list for the upcoming season, which will mean we will email you information as it becomes available.

If you aren’t sure you want to umpire, register anyway, you can always change your mind and you won’t miss any communications in the interim.

Bring a friend, a sister, a brother or parent and join the Softball Canada Umpire program together.

Read the Welcome letter

Check out the rest of this website for all things umpiring.

Softball Canada umpire levels explained

2021 Umpire Fees

Level 1 $  125.00
Level 2 $  145.00
Level 3 $  155.00
Level 4 $  165.00

Please Fill out the registration form and then click submit

Please complete all required fields.

Note: If an umpire is less than 18 years of age, parental information is required.

If you are young and are the only person registering from your household, you may use your parents email address.

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