Alternate Responses Regarding Registration

I think that we have now resolved out problem with forwarding your forms, so please go ahead and try again.

I apologize for the problem if you have to fill in the registration a second time.

Don’t forget if you are already signed up for a theory course, you don’t need to sign up a second time

Thank you for taking the time to respond to our email.

We understand that you might be unsure of your current situation regarding registering for the upcoming season due to the uncertainty regarding COVID and AHS restrictions.

By filling in the form below it will give the executive some indication as to how many umpires we will have and as a result how many leagues and teams that we will be able to cover if in fact a season occurs.

If you are returning

The theory sessions are being done by Zoom meetings at no cost to the participants. If you would like to take one of the four offered sessions, then please follow this link.

Please be aware there is no financial obligation until the time we do the outdoor, small group, socially distanced mechanics sessions.

If you are not returning, or haven’t decided on what to do

If you decide not to register at this time, then please fill out the form below to help our planning.

If you are a parent, you may fill out the form for your teenage umpire(s), as we know a lot of the younger people seem to miss reading or are hesitant to respond to emails!

Thank you for your assistance.

your reason for not returning, can affect how we attempt to recruit and retain umpires. Your opinion is valuable
The reason for not returning at this time can help us to formulate and craft a better process to encourage a return to umpire. Thank you for your response.