Adult Record Check – Mandatory

This form is the mandatory declaration that is required to be an adult member of the CASUA.

Adult means anyone who is 18 years of age before July 31st of the current season

  • See the Explanatory Letter for details
  • In your first and every 5th year an RCMP Criminal Record Check (with Vulnerable Sector Check) must be completed.
    • If you need to do this then just print and present this form to your local RCMP
    • Note: call the RCMP as they may only make appointments for certain days or times to start the check when you have to appear in person.
  • In the second to fifth year you complete an annual form shown below the black line.
  • Your email address attached to this form will serve as the required signature when submitted on-line.
  • If you prefer to print the form, fill it out, scan it and submit it, then you have more time on your hands than you should have. But it that is what you want, here is the form.
  • If you have a suitable check including the Vulnerable Sector Check from work or another organization, then it may be used in our association. Simply submit a copy of the current check to our president.

If you are ready to submit your yearly update, please fill out and submit the form below.

required for Arbiter assigning program
By submitting this form electronically, I declare that the email address constitutes the equivalent of my legal and binding signature on this document, and indicates that all the information regarding legal proceedings is correct and accurate on the date of submission.