Brad Lyon Joins Canadian Indicator Club

Brad Lyon received the prestigious Indicator Award at the Blue Convention in Montreal

Softball Canada has announced the recipients of the Indicator Club award and it includes our very own Brad Lyon for all the work within our association as well as at the provincial and national levels.

Brad has umpired and supervised up to the national level as well as serving in a variety of administrative roles in different softball organizations in Alberta, Ontario and B.C. Most recently Brad has been our association president for two years and has instituted.

  • improved clinic training
  • expanded the mentoring program
  • updated policies and by laws
  • instrumental in improving our website quality
  • member of the provincial board

Also included are Jim Noble (Calgary) , Richard Korbyl (Edmonton) and Ed Ridgen (Calgary).

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Minor League Professional Baseball School

Levi Wagner from Clive is both a softball and baseball umpire.

Levi attended Minor League Baseball’s Umpire school in Vero Beach, Florida for four weeks starting in January, Here are his observations on the clinic.

The program is very extensive and is held on a complex that includes a 4,500 seat stadium, 10 ball diamonds and all the other facilities used by professional umpires in the major leagues.

Since 1998, 65 Umpires evaluated and developed by Academy Instructors have been hired full time by Major League Baseball.

From Week 1 Levi has told us “Done my first week.

They’re teaching me the 2 umpire system and the mechanics they want me to do for professional baseball.

And we’re going through every rule in the official baseball rules throughout the month I’m here, with homework and tests most days on the rules.

I am having lots of fun here

Week 2

We just finished covering interference / obstruction in the classroom, took 3 days to finish as it’s a big and important subject.

Most students are starting to figure out the two umpire system on the field by now.

We’ve had guest visits from current and past MLB umpires, and a young aspiring umpire (see MiLB umpire academy Facebook.)

Having lots of fun and excited for the last two weeks of the school!”

School website

Week 3

Routine has been same so far.

Now we’re going into review only for the field drills for the last week.

I get Sunday’s off, and I usually go to the beach, or go fishing.

But this week I got to go to the Pro Bowl in Orlando last Sunday which was great.

Can’t wait to finish my last week.

Week 4

Levi Wagner has sent his final observations from the Baseball Umpire Academy

“I finished the academy.

This past month has been a great experience.

I didn’t get a job sadly, but I am on the reserve list.

Which basically means I’m a backup.

I was told to come back next year but work as many games as I can to get more experience.”

CASUA congratulates Levi on ascending to a higher level of learning and what it takes to be a professional umpire and wish him the best if he gets called this season to work, or returns to the school again next year.

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