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This is a new section to answer questions that might come up in a game, and have happened to CASUA members.

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Here are the top 10 misunderstood Rules

  • Question. A coach repeatedly insisted that runners had to slide at the plate.
  • Answer. Runners are not required to slide at any base. Keep in mind that runners may not run over the catcher or any other fielder, and are required to avoid contact, which may require a slide to the open area of a base.
  • Question. Why is the BR is not out for taking steps / walking toward the team area / dugout when legally able to advance to first base. 
  • Answer. The BR IS OUT Rule 8 Sec 2 a) when the catcher drops the third strike and the BR is legally touched with the ball while off base or thrown out prior reaching first base. Rule 8 Sec 2 d) (3) the BR is out when he fails to advance to first base and instead enters the team area anytime that he may legally advance to first base.  
  • So the ruling: no tag and no throw to first before BR attained first and the BR did not enter the team area so no out! Taking steps toward or walking toward the team area is not an out – in the rule book. 
  • Question. Pitcher released the pitch (it was a softer, looping pitch), and while the pitch was en-route to home plate, the RH batter starts going to first base “on the walk” before the pitch reached the plate

  • Answer. A right hand hitter is at bat and has a count of three balls and one strike. The pitcher releases the next pitch and, while the ball is in flight, the batter starts toward 1st, crossing in front of home plate and passing through the opposite batter’s box. Is the batter out? RULING: Yes, the batter is “Out”. He may not go into the opposite batter’s box during the pitch. (page 121, rule 12 in the casebook)
  • Question

Batter hits ball high in the air and about 20 feet down the first base line. Batter takes off for 1st base

No fielders in the area

batter/runner has no idea where the ball is.

Ball comes down and hits the batter/runner on the shoulder while she is in fair territory. 

B/R collapses on ground in obvious pain.

We call time.

B/R leaves for medical attention.

What happens?

  • Answer.

rule the batter/runner out based on the description because it is a fair batted ball that contacted the batter-runner outside the batter’s box…. interference isn’t judged, in this case, with regard to where a fielder is… that would occur if a baserunner was hit by the batted ball… 

but key point here is the batter/runner was the person contacted by the batted ball, not the runner… 

when batter is contacted by batted ball, we always have a dead ball; then we decide whether contact was in or out of batter’s box (in the box, foul; out of the box, out); and, if necessary, on a fair or foul ball (fair, out; foul, just a foul ball)