Seeking an Umpire Assignor for the 2023 season.

If you are interested in this position, please see details of the position below

Central Alberta Softball Umpires Association (CASUA) is seeking an Umpire Assignor for the 2023 season.

The Assignor is a key position within the CASUA who is in daily contact with leagues, teams and associations across Zone 4 and northern Zone 2, along with potentially every member of the CASUA. In 2022, CASUA had more than 100 registered umpires who officiated more than 600 scheduled games.

Our Assignor should be knowledgeable about the sport of softball but does not need to have experience as an umpire.

Our Assignor has the following key responsibilities:

  • Trains and becomes knowledgeable in the operation of our assigning platform prior to the start of the season.
  • Serves as point of contact for minor, women’s and men’s fastpitch leagues, teams and associations to receive game schedules starting in April, and enter them into the assigning platform
  • Assigns CASUA umpires for all regular season league and exhibition games in the region covered by the CASUA during the softball season (approximately May 1 to mid-August). Whenever possible, assignments should be scheduled two weeks in advance of games. Assignments are based on:
    • Availability as shown in the RAMP assigning platform.
    • Assign umpires to games that are appropriate, based on the umpire’s age and experience, as determined by CASUA.
    • Assign younger officials in their home communities as much as possible
    • Assign adults to minimize travel distance when possible
  • Communicates with CASUA members regarding upcoming fastpitch league and exhibition games, their availability and scheduling matters
    • Keeps track of acceptance and declines of games
    • Re-assign games if a person is unable to work a game.
    • This may occur after assignments are sent and may also occur on game day on short notice
    • Advise umpires if a game is cancelled when contacted by a league, association, or team representative on game day.
  • Monitoring assignments to guarantee that all events have the appropriate umpires available and assigned.
    • Note: game day changes occur due to weather, illness or other extenuating circumstances and require the assignor to take quick action.
  • Works with the CASUA executive to confirm levels each umpire can work to ensure umpires are assigned to the level of ball they are capable of working. This is important for development, retention and a positive experience.
  • Generates all necessary reports, invoices and paysheets, in conjunction with the Treasurer.
    • mid-season paysheets for games worked by youth umpires to the Treasurer by specified dates to ensure umpires are paid.
    • end of season invoices for all leagues, teams and associations and delivering those so that all monies owing for umpire assignments are paid to the CASUA.
    • end of season paysheets for games worked by all umpires and providing reports and invoices to the Treasurer by specified dates to ensure all umpires are paid for games worked and travel earned
  • Maintains the CASUA database of umpires.
  • Other responsibilities as may be determined by the CASUA executive.

The following qualifications are important for our Assignor:

  • Must have own computer and reliable Internet connection.
  • Comfortable with software such as Word and Excel, and apps on mobile devices.
  • Able to upload schedule templates, generating reports, and ensuring the accuracy of all information and data with which you work.
  • Strong communication and listening skills in with coaches and umpires.
  • Effective administrative skills, including the ability to input schedules from multiple sources in a short period of time.
  • Ability to make decisions in a timely fashion as game day changes occur.
  • Flexibility in dealing with challenging situations, such as too many games and not enough umpires.

Important Notes:

  • Assignor is reimbursed at a rate of $3 per umpire per game assigned. Whenever possible, CASUA assigns 2 umpires per game.
  • CASUA uses the RAMP assigning platform. Training is provided. Previous experience with the RAMP platform would be an asset.
  • The Assignor cannot be a working umpire, but could be a parent, spouse or other relative.
  • Schedule flexibility, especially weekday afternoons, is important for last minute cancellations or scheduling changes.
  • The CASUA Assignor doesn’t assign for tournaments but works with the President and tournament UICs to identify umpires available for tournaments, playdowns and Provincial Championships.

To apply:

Interested individuals should submit a letter of interest outlining their interest in the position and experience.

The letter/email should be addressed to CASUA President/ UIC Malcolm Murray and submitted via email to

Interested applicants will be reviewed until the suitable candidate is found.

The CASUA does not discriminate based on race, color, creed, national origin, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation or marital status in employment or the provision of services