Signing up in RAMP

For new and returning umpires, we need you to be signed up in two different RAMP platforms utilized by the CASUA and the ASUA.

RAMP Assigning platform:

The RAMP assigning platform is what CASUA uses for assigning regular league games in central Alberta, and for compiling lists of umpires who are available to work weekend tournaments. It is also a platform we can use for mass emails to all umpires. All members of the CASUA need to have an account within the assigning platform.

If you are a RETURNING UMPIRE in the CASUA from last year, you will use your account from last year. You should log in, and check to make sure your information is still current. Ensure your mailing address is correct.

If you are a NEW UMPIRE this year (or you are returning to the CASUA after a year or two absence), please complete the following steps.

For new umpires:– 

  • go to the following link:
  • once at the login page, click the green button to create a RAMP assigning account.
  • Follow the instructions, create a password, fill in the required fields, and your account should be created. 
  • The CASUA may get an email to confirm you as a member, but that will be done ASAP.
  • Please bookmark the site, so that it’s easy to get back to.
  • If you use RAMP for officiating in another sport, use your existing account credentials to login, and we will receive an email notification to approve you being added to the CASUA account.
  • Once you’ve set up your RAMP assigning account, go to your app store for your mobile device and download the RAMP assigning app to your phone or tablet.
  • We will provide more information closer to the start of the season on how assigning works, who the assignor is, etc.

RAMP registration platform

The RAMP registration platform is used by the ASUA for completing the registration process of our umpires with Softball Alberta and Softball Canada. It is a separate platform from the assigning platform used by the CASUA, and requires you to do a separate sign-up process via a separate website link.

If you are a RETURNING UMPIRE in the CASUA from last year, you will use your account from last year. You must log in, confirm you are registering as an umpire for 2023, and answer the questions when prompted. 

If you are a NEW UMPIRE this year in the CASUA, please complete the following steps:

  • go to the following login page: Zone 4 Umpire Branch : RAMP Registrations
  • click on “create an account”. Make sure your password meets the requirements outlined on the screen. 
  • After you have created an Account, you need to “Add family member” which is you. Please fill in all the required information. You will also be prompted to answer some questions.