Umpire Season Status Update – June 2, 2021

If the province Covid situation continues in the current direction it is likely that there will be a season starting on or about June 10th.

Leagues are now actively booking games as well as tournaments.

Everyone who completed the theory course held online will be receiving a call this week from a board member to confirm your continuing interest in officiating this season.

Based on those who completed the theory course we have only approximately a third of umpires that we had in 2019.  So, the opportunity to work frequently exists.

Once that is done, those who continue to be interested will be entered into the Arbiter assigning system.  You will receive an introductory email on how to use Arbiter.

We have a variety of equipment available that has been generously donated. You can check on available equipment here

Officials who need to take the mechanics portion will be contacted.

Remember to officiate you must have completed your

  • Online theory session
  • Shown your mechanics competence.
  • Successfully written your exam (use this link to write your exam)
  • Paid you annual fee.  Fees have been reduced this year and will be as follows.
    • Level 1             $90      Rookies or one year of experience
    • Level 2             $110
    • Level 3             $120
    • Level 4             $130

Payment by cheque or cash only, we cannot accept credit cards or bit coin! You may pay using e-transfers make payment send your payment to Brad Lyon at


There appears to be significant interest by several teams in hosting multiple provincial championship in our zone, meaning that we will need officials into August this year.

If you have questions, please contact a member of the executive.

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