Junior Incentive Fund


  • To support and reward 1st and 2nd year umpires who will be returning next season.


  • Each year a maximum of 5 recipients will be chosen by the executive of the association, and a maximum of $250 will be allocated to purchase official uniform items for those selected.
  • Returning umpires will be evaluated on their competence, a willingness to learn, and are a credit to the association.


  • If you were a 1st or 2nd year umpire this season you can apply for the award.
  • This allows selectors to have reviewable work while the season is still fresh in the minds of the executive.


The submission (250 words maximum) should include,

  • Your accomplishments during the season
  • Your plan for next season (what do you want to learn or do as an umpire)
  • Equipment you would like and why

Submission deadline is September 30th.

Please use the form below to submit your entry.