Bad weather on game night?

Because of the size of our region, weather conditions can vary depending on where you are located. As a result, umpires are reminded to please utilize the following process if the weather is questionable for a game:

  • Team/ Association is to contact the Assignor by no later than 2 hours prior to game time if game is cancelled due to weather.
  • As soon as the Assignor is contacted that a game is cancelled, the game listing is updated in RAMP (you get a notification). Assignor also sends out an email from the Assignor yahoo account.
  • If you don’t get notification that your game is cancelled, please attend at the diamond prepared to umpire.
  • If you get to the diamond, and there are no teams, let the Assignor know immediately. He will follow up with the Association. Umpires are paid if the game was not cancelled, the umpires show up, but the teams do not.
  • If you get to the diamond, and the teams are present, start the game if possible (if conditions are safe to allow play). Once the game starts, umpires receive their game fees. If the game cannot start due to the conditions, umpires would receive any mileage owed, but no game fees.

If you have questions, contact Brad (the Assignor), [email protected].

Need Some Equipment?

Occasionally some people have equipment that they prepared to sell at a discounted price.

For instance

Each item is $20.

Carolina Blue shirt size is Extra Small

Navy shirt is size Medium

Pants are Ladies size 8-10, and leg length is 36 inches (91 cm)

If interested email this contact

Other clothing and equipment can be found on our clothing page

Plate Conferences

Someone asked about plate conferences at the Penhold clinic. Here is a roadmap for holding the plate conference 5 minutes before the start of the game.

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Umpires Still Needed In Many Communties

As teams are gearing up for the season so do the umpires.

The start of the season is only a few weeks away, and Central Alberta Softball Umpires Association (CASUA) is finding that many communities are seriously short of returning and new umpires.

Recruiting new local umpires is very important in being able ensure umpires are available to work U11 and U13 games and help reduce travel costs for your Association. 

If CASUA is not able to secure sufficient officials in a community, there is the likelihood that certified trained officials will not be provided for all your games. And in the unlikely event that umpires are available elsewhere, your association will incur large travel expenses.

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Annual AGM Has Taken Place.

The AGM took place on Wednesday April 10 at 7 p.m., with Doug Smith being elected to the position of vice-president. All other positions were unaffected.

Thank you to all those who took time to attend the Zoom meeting and offer their advice to the organization.