Ken Wamsley – Remembered

Unfortunately we have lost Ken Wamsley in his 86th year as he passed away at 5:20 a.m. on Wednesday, July 3, 2024.

Ken was an active umpire for 42 years, retiring after a U14 game on the plate at the age of 83.

Ken earned his Level 3 status in 1995. He has been the recipient of five significant awards during his career:

  • EDSUA Umpire of the Year, 1993
  • Laurie “RAS” Rasmussen Award, 1998, for contributions to the EDSUA
  • EDSUA Wall of Fame, 2004
  • Softball Alberta Zone Award of Merit, 2018
  • Softball Canada Umpires Indicator Club, 2023

Ken was equally active in the upper levels of the provincial basketball community for many years.

We have lost a friend, mentor and renowned story teller.

The association sends it’s condolences to Kerry, Gary, Ken’s family and friends and his umpiring family.

2018 Softball Alberta award for

Outstanding Volunteer Service for the Development and Promotion of Softball in Alberta

Ken received the prestigious Softball Canada Indicator Award in 2023 in recognition of his

ability as an umpire, mentor and instructor.

Change in the Rule-book – Temporary Runner -REVISED


Rule Book Update

The previous correction has been amended as follows.

The previous correction to the Temporary Runner situation has been further corrected. The rule should read as follows.

Temporary Runner (FP) sentence in Section 3.2.7 should read:

If an incorrect player is used as a Temporary Runner, the error will be corrected without penalty when noticed by the offensive team prior to an appeal by the defensive team.

Note: the appeal must be completed by the defensive team while the incorrect temporary runner is on base. A pitch or play must occur prior to the appeal being made.

Once the incorrect temporary runner has scored (touched home plate), the defensive team cannot appeal.

A correct appeal by the defensive team results in the runner being called out.

Lacombe Outstanding Umpire

Keevah Rellis volunteered to move up an age category when the crew found themselves short an official.

Keevah is presented her award by Levi Wagner the UIC for the tournament.

Stettler Tournament – May 31 – June 2

Umpire MVP winners in Stettler,

  • Kylar, Rookie Award.
  • Bella, Performance Award.

Thanks to Doug Smith, UIC for keeping things moving all weekend