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The Central Alberta Softball Umpires Association uses a web-based program, to assign games for regular league play. All umpires are required to use this system.

if you have attended a clinic and received login passwords, you can,

After the clinic Click here to go to the Assigning login page.

Details are provided at the annual Umpire Clinic, including a user guide with directions to help you use the online system to create your account, block days when not available, and accept or decline assignments.

If you have questions for the assignor, they can be reached via email at [email protected].


CASUA is responsible for providing umpires for tournaments hosted within the Zone 4 region in May and June, with some having more than one tournament that needs umpires assigned.

The CASUA assigns a Umpire in Chief to each tournament, who will be responsible for contacting umpires with regard to availability, and then assigning and overseeing umpires for the tournament weekend.

At the Umpire Clinic in April, the tournament schedule for the summer will be shared. Umpires will be required to use the computer system to block weekends when they are unavailable. Based on umpire availability as indicated in online system, a list of available umpires will be provided to the UIC(s) for each weekend. As many umpires as possible are needed each weekend; if you have availability even for one day, let us know.


CASUA umpires have the opportunity to work provincial championships, as well as apply to be considered for selection to work a Western Canadian or National championship. There are minimum Umpire Level prerequisites for a Western or National, as well as some provincials. If you are interested in working any of the events listed in the links below, contact [email protected]

Danny Baron, waiting for a play at the plate