Recommended Tournament Rules

The following rules are recommended for use by tournament hosts in Zone 4. For further information, please check with the UIC who has been assigned to your tournament.


  • No protests allowed
  • Umpire decision is final
  • Abuse of umpires or tournament staff will not be tolerated


  • All players bat
  • Unlimited defensive substitutions


  • No new inning may start within 15 minutes of the scheduled start time of the next game. (for example, 90-minute time slots, no new inning starts after one hour, 15 minutes)
  • Time limit starts at the completion of the plate conference.
  • No open innings.
  • 5 runs max per inning in all divisions
  • U10: if coach pitch rules being used, base runners may only advance one base on a passed ball and may only score on a batted ball.
  • Ties allowed in round robin
  • In playoffs, a tie game will be decided using the International Tie Breaker, starting in the 8th inning, or the first full inning after time limit has been reached. Last batter of the previous inning starts on second base, and there are no outs.


  • If either team is leading by 15 runs after three complete innings.
  • If home team is winning when time limit reached.
  • If either team is unable to catch up due to the five runs per inning rule.
    • At-bats will not be taken simply for the purposes of runs for/against ratios.
    • The official final score will be the score when the game concludes. No scores will revert to the previous inning.
    • When submitting the score to the tournament host, the number of innings in which each team batted is also to be submitted, for use in potential tie breaking


If teams are tied in points after the round robin the higher placing team will be decided by:

  1. Team with most victories
  2. Winner of head to head game between the tied teams.
  3. Team with the highest run ratio, calculated as follows for each of the tied teams:
  4. Total Runs Scored divided by Total Innings on Offense = OFF
  5. Total Runs Allowed divided by Total Innings Fielded = DEF
  6. OFF divided by DEF = Run Ratio
  7. Coin toss.