CASUA Umpires Attending Nationals and Westerns

ASUA has announced that the following CASUA umpires will be attending National, Western or Provincial tournaments.

Sheri MorbeckU17A Provincial Evaluator, promoted to level 3Calgary, Ab.Jul. 15-17
Jeremy OrganU17A Provincial Evaluator, promoted to level 3Calgary, Ab.Jul. 15-17
Malcolm MurrayU23 Men’s FPCarp, On.Aug. 2-7
Jordanne RonakU15 Girl’s FPSaskatoon, Sk.Aug. 3-7
TJ GeertsmaU15 Girl’s FPSaskatoon, Sk.Aug. 3-7
Doug SmithU15 Girl’s FPSaskatoon, Sk.Aug. 3-7
Brad DingmanU17 WesternsSt. Albert, Ab.Aug. 3-7
Dorothy LeimanU17 WesternsSt. Albert, Ab.Aug. 3-7
Sheri MorbeckU17 WesternsSt. Albert, Ab.Aug. 3-7
Jeremy OrganWomen’s WesternsBlackfalds, Ab.Aug. 4-7
Shane SrokaWomen’s WesternsBlackfalds, Ab.Aug. 4-7
Chris HarperWomen’s WesternsBlackfalds, Ab.Aug. 4-7
Danny BaronWomen’s WesternsBlackfalds, Ab.Aug. 4-7
Glenn StuparWomen’s WesternsBlackfalds, Ab.Aug. 4-7
Ron LeMasurierWomen’s WesternsBlackfalds,Ab.Aug. 4-7
Brad LyonWomen’s Westerns, Umpire in ChiefBlackfalds,Ab.Aug. 4-7
Chris HarperSenior Men’s FP St. John’s, NLAug. 31-Sep. 4

Congratulations to our members.

Newly Promoted Umpires

After attending the U17A provincial championships and being evaluated by senior umpires the following Zone 4 umpires have successfully achieved their Level 3 status.

Congratulations to

  • Sherri Morbeck of Erskine
  • Jeremy Organ of Sylvan Lake

Time to write the Umpire Exam

All umpires are reminded to write the 2022 Softball Canada Umpire Exam. Make sure to select the correct exam for your level, and if you officiate FP and SP, there are two exams to write.

The exam should be written as soon as possible so you are ready for the season. If you don’t know your Umpire Registration Number, don’t worry – enter Zone 4, and we will make sure we get it updated for you


Free Umpire Packages Winners

Our draw has been held for the two umpire packages that were available.

Our winners are

  • Maycee M of Red Deer County
  • Leah S of Didsbury

For the other people who entered don’t forget we have a wide variety of other free stuff, that will be available at the mechanic clinics starting this weekend of a first come first served basis.

Visit our website to see what is available.

Charcoal Pants

In the next couple of years charcoal pants will replace the grey pants we have used in previous seasons.

This year they will only be required for Canadian championships.

Here is a link to a canadian company that may have them in stock.

Yearly Membership Fees

CASUA membership fees have been announced.

The fee includes membership in CASUA, Alberta Softball Umpires Association and Softball Canada as well as insurance protection.

  • Level 1: First year: $90
  • Level 2: $105
  • Level 3: $115
  • Level 4: $125

See how the levels are determined

CASUA Needs You

Why be an umpire? Watch this video

CASUA will need more umpires this year as things open up – we need your help to have enough officials to cover the zone needs.

Help us advertise by downloading this poster and distributing it to places where potential umpires would see it.

Bring someone who hasn’t registered before and save $10 on the registration fee.

Bring more than one person and get an additional $10 off for each additional newbie.

Poster prepared by an 11 year old. Can you come up with a poster too? If you can send it to us and we will publish it on the website.

Ladies League AGM

For those working the Ladies league, they held their AGM yesterday with the following being available,

  • 10 teams are registered
  • There is the possibility of an 11th team joining
  • Season starts May 3rd.
  • Playoffs finished by July 28th.
  • Games on Tuesday and Thursdays
  • Double headers at Great Chief #1 diamond
  • Game cancellation is 5 p.m.
    • This means you should have a heads up to stay home if a game is cancelled.
  • Game length no new inning after 90 minutes
  • Rule changes
    • Covid allowance – teams may start and end games with 8 players, the missing spot is an automatic out.
    • Run ahead rules will be 15 after 3 innings and 7 after 5 innings
    • 10 runs after 3 ½ and 4 innings will not be used.
  • Unlimited re-entry