Rules for leagues umpired by CASUA

Rules are in PDF, printable files.

2022 Softball Alberta Handbook

PDF version

Base umpire – angles and positioning

Softball USA – Angles and Distances (Powerpoint)

  • After you download the file, open it and press the F5 key to see the show
  • to move to the next screen press the space bar.

What to do with Lighning in the Area

Our procedure if you see lightning

  • If the bang comes in less than 30 seconds then
    • evacuate the field
      • send teams and spectators to safe area like cars, or change rooms
    • start timing, and do not resume the game for 30 minutes after the last boom has occurred, and that the field is playable to continue the game
    • remember the clock starts again after each boom.
  • If the bang takes longer than 30 seconds then proceed with caution.
    • get some people to keep watch on the sky and let you know as soon as the 30 second rule occurs, the evacuate

Please read and be aware of storm dangers and procedures.

A true story about lightning

Plate Mechanics

A good description for new umpires as well as a review for all qualified officials.

DVD’s To Loan Out

Get starting positions, movement, angles, proper distances and mechanics description

  • DVD # – 1 Umpire System Umpires –  Slow Pitch
  • DVD # – 2 Umpires – Fast Pitch
  • DVD # – 3 Umpire System

To borrow one or all of these DVDs E-mail Pat or phone 403-314-0231.  You may keep the DVD for about two weeks.

Bat Regulations

bat check protocol


Help for Catchers and Umpires