Ron MacKenzie

We received this letter from Ron MacKenzie one of our senior umpires who has moved to Calgary.

As all our members are part of the executive through your membership it seems appropriate to share the letter with you.

Ron is a great mentor to our younger officials, as well as a comedian.

It is the small moments that help us remember all the years together on the ball diamonds, through good weather, wet weather, storms, and whatever Mother Nature produced.

The countless hours that the executive put into the Red Deer Zone (CASUA) has produced some of the best umpires and are ranked #1 in the province — maybe not by some observers, but I certainly think so. After witnessing the two main zones, we are as good or better.

Your mentorship and ability to lead the younger and older umpires has really paid off in many ways, as our numbers are the highest in the province for working umpires. This is evident in the fact that all the other zones rely on us to fill the gaps.

May you and all the others keep up the hard work and maintain the standard of excellence that we have strived and become known for. If we continue to do so, we will maintain our high rating for umpiring in Alberta.

Two sayings that I have used time to time in my career to decrease the tension in a game: TOO CLOSE: TOO CLOSE TO CALL, SAFE! and WHEN IN DOUBT, NOT OUT!

In closing, I hope that all your balls and strikes lead to a quick game with no problems. Be honest, umpire your best, and most important of all, have a good time!

Yours in Umpiring,

Ron MacKenzie

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